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Key benefits of outsourcing medical claims submission services to us

  • Faster claim submission
  • Swift payments and improved cash flow
  • No transcription errors or missing data
  • Zero printing and mailing costs
  • Easy claim resubmissions
  • Reduced paperwork
  • 24x7 access to claims tracking
  • Streamlined revenue cycle management
Hike in Collection Rate
Appeal Succession Rate
Cut in Costs

Our medical claims submission services action plan to help you deliver prime healthcare services


We gather an itemized bill for all the services provided by you to the patient. Our team then carefully reviews it for the cost and the code for the treatment availed by them.


Our expert medical coders study the relevant details for claims forms and help you fill in information for patient demographics, insurance, and the expenses incurred by them at your medical facility.


We make a backup after filling the claim details in the form and thoroughly review it for any errors. After a careful audit, we attach the necessary supporting documents with the form and submit them to the insurance company.

We promise a host of exciting benefits

Guaranteed compliance

We are up-to-date with the latest medical coding guidelines and regulations. This helps us ensure your claims are coded correctly before submission, thereby significantly lowering the chances of claims denials.

Swift denial tracking and conflict resolution

Nobody understands the value of timely tracking the denial claims for revenue cycle management better than us. We promptly follow up with insurance partners to remove all bottlenecks and settle the claims as quickly as possible.

Data security

Data privacy is important to us. We process your patients’ confidential information in a secure way and block any unauthorized access or modification attempts.

Expert medical claims consultation

Discuss your claims services needs with us to understand the best course of action. Our team of medical billers and coders leverage their industry experience to offer the most sound advice.

Superior services

We provide professional medical claim submission services that not only meet but surpass your expectations every time. Do not worry about the accuracy or quality of your medical reports again.

Fast turnaround time

There is no place for delays in smooth business operations. We get it. Our teams work efficiently to help you focus on delivering premium healthcare services—day in and day out.

Seamless coordination

You don’t have to waste time on meaningless conversations with amateurs. Experience the power of seamless coordination with a competent team leader from start to finish, with no extra charges.

Easy scalability

We embrace agility. No matter your scalability needs, trust us to be ready to realign with your priorities and help you provide excellent healthcare.

Professional help

We work with only the best. Our billing specialists are skilled and vetted professionals who do their job well. That means lower churn and ultimately high ROI for your business.

Leading infrastructure

Our infrastructural tools make it incredibly easy for us to quickly gather and allocate resources to meet your varying project needs without compromising quality or delivery times.

Dependable customer care

Our team is super responsive. We reply to your queries and concerns round the clock over both phone and email. How do you want to reach us—you decide.

The incredible medical claims processing software solutions we use

This is what our customers said

Office Beacon has really enabled us to grow faster by hiring double the talent for a single local resource cost, and having multiple eyes for that solution has made us grow faster due to the increased quality and faster turn times. I foresee our relationship with Office Beacon last a very long time, and I would definitely recommend them to any healthcare organization.
Abid Sattani
COO, Elite Health Services

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