Proud to announce our newest Delivery Center in South Africa.Why South Africa?

Office Beacon Delivery Centers

Office Beacon spearheads the remote staffing market with a global network of top-notch delivery centers. No matter what time zone you’re on, we have experts who will work on your schedule, manage your back office, and support your business growth.

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Explore Our Cutting-Edge Facilities

South Africa

Our South Africa center offers top-tier remote services in marketing, social media, bookkeeping, customer service, and sales.

Clark, Philippines

It’s been quite the journey for our Philippine location – from a handful of talented virtual assistants to a 2000-seat world-class facility. The team is made up of digital marketing, design, and bookkeeping experts.

Montevideo, Uruguay

Looking for exceptional bilingual support? Our diverse talent pool in Uruguay is adept at customer service, order management, digital marketing, and interpretation services.

Vadodara, India

The Vadodara Team is a testament to the world-class outsourcing talent found in India. Get unmatched back-office support in accounting, IT, and other professional services from our Indian location.

Monterey, Mexico

Our bilingual experts in Mexico specialize in hiring interpretation and call center solutions, working both in remote and on-site modalities.

The Office Beacon Advantage

Ultra Modern Facilities

Our virtual specialists enjoy working out of our highly secure offices. We equip our employees with the latest tech and tools to deliver seamless remote services.

Ultra Modern Facilities

Forget the struggles of hiring, onboarding, and workforce management. We take care of everything end-to-end, and you get regular updates on your project timelines.

Round-the-Clock Support

We have employees spread across the globe, working in different time zones. You never face downtime during non-working hours, weekends, or holidays.

100% Data Protection

We are ISO 27001 Certified for Information Security Management System, ensuring our commitment to the confidentiality and integrity of your information. 

Thrive with Office Beacon Remote Solutions Like Other Companies

“Office Beacon has been very integral to the success of our company and allowing us to grow. Because it’s been such a positive experience for us, I don’t want to recommend them to our competition, but I have in the past and definitely will in the future.”
Devin Piscitelli
President, Aakron Line
Promotional Products Industry
“Office Beacon has really enabled us to grow faster. I foresee our relationship with OfficeBeacon lasting a very long time and I would definitely recommend them to any health care organization.”
Abid Sattani
Elite Health Services
Health and Wellness Industry
“We are now able to get more work done in a more cost effective way. They are incredibly valuable resources and besides just the cost savings, I save about 50% in time.”
Wendy Barlin, CPA
CEO, Barlin & Associates
Accounting & Finance Industry

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