When you are running a busy company, the last thing that you want to have your hands on is the admin work. Let’s be honest here; you are the business leader, the one in charge, and you want to make sure that your clients are happy, you’re developing your network
Expands the Talent Pool, Financial savings, Happier and More Loyal Employees, Increased productivity, Room for Growth
Being able to support all of your customers is crucial when you are running a business. However, some customers find that not all companies can do this due to a language barrier between the company and the client. This could result in the company losing the customer to someone who
A competitive edge, Customer satisfaction, Faster business, Targeting high-growth areas
THE PEOPLE THAT POWER OFFICE BEACON SENIOR MANAGER DIPESH BHAVSAR INTRODUCTION Dipesh Bhavsar’s work at Office Beacon spans more than a decade.  Having worked closely with OB founder, Pranav Dalal, Dipesh is more than just an employee of Office Beacon, he is one of its pillars.  Dipesh has contributed to
Office Beacon Behind The Scenes
THE PEOPLE THAT POWER OFFICE BEACON VP of SALES CHRIS GLOWACKI INTRODUCTION Office Beacon’s mission is to deliver services that enable significant competitive advantages for its’ customers.  When we deliver on this promise, our entire ecosystem benefits – our clients, their customers, and our employees and partners.  This mission is carried
Office Beacon Behind The Scenes
WordPress is one of the most powerful web development and hosting platforms on the market, with around 75 million WP sites currently on the internet. While only a percentage of those are managed by businesses, there are still millions of that utilize the WP service to achieve online success. Even
Cost Savvy, Increase conversion optimization, Meeting deadline
If  you’re  a  marketer,  you  know  the  rules  of  the  game  have  completely  changed:  Today’s  information  overload  has  tossed  out  old-world  scarcity  of  information,  relegating  outbound  marketing  to  the  backend  of  what  drives  lead  generation.  In  fact,  it’s  almost  suicidal  for  companies  to  ignore  the  power  of  inbound  marketing  to 
Boost up your Business, Focus on Less Energy-Intensive Work, More qualified leads, Save On Time And Efforts
THE PEOPLE THAT POWER OFFICE BEACON SENIOR SITE DIRECTOR MARITINA PASCUAL INTRODUCTION Office Beacon is the business driven by individuals with common values and goals.  There are no investors, no partners, no family, no nepotism….just hard working individuals working hard every day to make life easier for OB’s customers and employees.  These values
Office Beacon Behind The Scenes
THE PEOPLE THAT POWER OFFICE BEACON DIRECTOR, CLIENT SERVICES & IMPLEMENTATIONS MARIE MONCRIEFFE INTRODUCTION Marie has been a mainstay at Office Beacon.  She’s seen it all having worked for the company for nearly 12 years.   And it all happened by circumstance. Years ago, as OB was starting its growth trajectory,
Office Beacon Behind The Scenes
THE PEOPLE THAT POWER OFFICE BEACON OFFICE BEACON COO VEENA RAMPERSAD INTRODUCTION Simply stated: Veena is a powerhouse.  So much so that Pranav Dalal, Office Beacon’s Chief Disruption, pursued Veena to join OB for nearly 3 years.  Knowing she would be a game-changer, Pranav set his sights on having Veena
Office Beacon Behind The Scenes
Outsourcing is a common cost-effective method of getting more work done in your business. However, utilizing it correctly can be difficult. Most business owners will see outsourcing as an unnecessary expense because they feel like they should prioritize hiring employees instead of relying on a temporary employee. However, outsourcing can
Access to the Latest Technology, Focus on Your Core Business, Significant Financial Savings
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