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We offer cutting edge benefits to power up your business

  • Streamlined workflow
  • Enhanced staff productivity
  • Minimal operational costs
  • Rapid scaling
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A few more reasons to outsource your healthcare back office services to us

  • Exceptional quality work
  • A surprisingly low turn-around time
  • Foolproof security
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Excellent customer experience
  • Up to 40 hours of support per week
  • Quantifiable results
A few more reasons to outsource your healthcare back office services to us

Our foolproof action plan to help you deliver prime healthcare services


Our SMEs schedule a discovery call with you to understand your business objectives, job requirements, software needs, and other relevant details to pair you with the perfect talent.


We confirm sourcing feasibility and staff availability for your needs. We then verify the specific roles of the staff members and the software tools required. Our implementation team identifies a team leader to look after your project and arrange staff training.


The team leader introduces you to the allocated staff and sets clear KPI expectations and the training schedule in consultation with you. The team leader also reviews your training modules with internal staff and records all training sessions for future reference.


Staff members enter the pre-live phase after completing their training under the supervision of the team leader. The team leader then collaborates with the staff on your project and closely monitors their progress on the determined KPIs.

Follow up

We send daily reconciliation reports and weekly quality reports to keep you updated. You will also receive a bi-weekly feedback email to raise any concerns you may have about staff productivity or management.

The incredible software solutions we use

This is what our customers said

Office Beacon provides a very foundational approach for us in putting our medical orders. We digitalize every order that comes to us via fax or email. Office Beacon provides us staff to digitalize the documents within one hour. So, it enables our schedulers to not stop their workflow and accept incoming orders more frequently and schedule them more rapidly as well.
Abid Sattani
COO, Elite Health Services

Frequently asked questions

Medical transcription, billing and coding, revenue cycle management, and claims adjudication are four standard back-office healthcare services that most organizations outsource. But in addition to these, institutions also opt for services related to teleradiology, EMR, healthcare software, and medical animation and illustration.

We are the industry leader in outsourcing services and software solutions. Our 20+ years of experience has equipped us with practical strategies and frameworks that address the root causes of inefficient healthcare management and unlock your true business potential.

The best way to begin is by booking a call with us. We will discuss your needs and introduce you to our workflow at Office Beacon. If we are a good fit for each other, we will put you in touch with the team that would be working closely with you to implement our strategic growth plan for your business.

It takes the load off your staff and allows them to focus on providing superior healthcare to patients. When you outsource medical billing and coding services, you take a step closer to streamlining your workflow and enhancing staff productivity.

A well-designed revenue cycle management helps healthcare providers to spot errors within the revenue cycle. It removes technical issues like improper coding that lead to claim denials in the healthcare sector.

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