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Executive Assistants

For over 23 years, Office Beacon has been the #1 virtual staffing provider for executives and their businesses globally. We offer:

  • World-class infrastructure, technology and security
  • 24/7 Dependable customer care
  • Trained virtual staff

40% Savings​

Stay super competitive and boost your bottom line.

Remote Staff

We’ll get to work quickly with trained and experienced Remote staff.

We Handle All
The HR

We manage your reps, so that you can focus on growing your business.

We Work

No matter when you need us, we will be there for you.

Delegate Your Tasks to an Executive Assistant

Tired of wearing multiple hats? Let our executive virtual assistant handle your grunt work so you can focus on what you do best.

Email Inbox Management

Our executive virtual assistants helps you track high-priority emails. They make sure you never leave anyone waiting for your response.

  • Email Correspondence
  • Follow-Ups and Reminders
  • Submitting Drafts for Approval
  • Subscriber List Management
  • Spam Management
  • Contact Database Management
  • Sending e-vites

Workflow Coordination

Delegate your entire clutter of coordination activities to our workflow coordinators. They help coordinate your tasks, jobs, software, employees, and vendors.

  • Compile Meeting Minutes
  • Create and Manage Spreadsheets
  • Organize Platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Cleanup Cloud Accounts like Google Drive
  • Track Deadlines and Deliverables
  • Data Entry and Conversion
  • Filing and Organizing Online Files
Appointment Scheduling

B2B Appointment Setting

Set up appointments without spending hours coordinating. Let our executive virtual assistants handle all the legwork.

  • Set-Up In-Person and Virtual Meetings
  • Create and Share E-vites
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Organize Virtual Meeting Platforms like Zoom, Skype, Go To Meeting, Webex, etc.
  • Manage Day-to-Day Calendar
  • Plan Trips


Whether you need audio or video transcription, Office Beacon’s transcription experts deliver 100% accuracy.

  • Suspect Interrogations
  • Time Coding and Subtitling
  • Witness Interviews and Testimonials
  • Wire-Tap Conversations
  • Documentaries, Movies, and Soap Operas
  • Fire Accident Reports
  • Market Research Interviews
  • Medical Transcriptions

Content Management

Our executive virtual assistants can manage your content on Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and similar CMS platforms.

  • Create Reports and Forms
  • Prepare Presentations
  • Publish and Manage Blogs
  • Conduct Content Research
  • Prepare Meeting Minutes
  • Repost Web Research
  • Respond to Comments

Why Choose an Office Beacon Executive Assistant?

Office Beacon Executive Virtual Assistant

  • No hassles related to onboarding, training, and management.

  • Pay only for projects/hours required sans employee benefits.

  • Readily available back-up resources at no additional cost.

  • Complete data privacy and security through EY audits, enforceable NDAs, etc.

In-House Employee

  • Additional resources needed for employee onboarding, training, and management.

  • Manage long-term payroll with employee benefits irrespective of workload.

  • Scope of financial loss due to resource crunch and high turnover period.

  • Exorbitant amounts spent on managing security threats.

Why Office Beacon’s Executive Assistant


Get Dedicated Administrative Support

Streamline all your administrative tasks like calendar management, meeting setup, call handling, vendor management, and more.


Leverage Premium Research Assistance

Get expert help for presentations and client negotiations. Our executive virtual assistants are adept at in-depth industry and competitive research.


Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

Check off your personal to-do list with our executive virtual assistants. They help you book family trips, children’s activities, and dinners.


Meet Deadlines Consistently

Stay on top of time-sensitive and priority issues. Our assistants manage your calendar and ensure regular follow-ups.
How We Work
  • Analyze


    We analyze your business goals and identify your staffing and software needs.

  • Analyze


    We source the perfect virtual assistant/s who can meet your specific requirements.

  • Analyze

    Train and Monitor

    Our team lead sets KPI expectations, trains and monitors your staff, and oversees your project.

  • Analyze

    Provide Reports

    We share weekly quality reports and bi-weekly feedback emails on your staff’s progress.

Remote Staffing We Provide

Office Beacon has been sourcing talented virtual assistants for its clients since 2001.
We strive to help business owners lighten their operational workload so they can focus on scaling their businesses.

No job role is off-limits for us. Reach out to hire specialists like engineering estimators, medical billers, legal assistants, etc.
Build stronger sales pipelines with Office Beacon. Outsource prospect appointment setters, sales support reps, and call center specialists.
Our marketing experts streamline all your online marketing needs. Office Beacon SEO assistants help your technical leads with PPC management, SEO fixes, etc.
Hire our app developers to build your apps from concept to implementation. Office Beacon’s website developers help create websites that meet your technical and design needs.
Simplify your operations with Office Beacon. Outsource inventory management experts, order management specialists, graphic designers, and more.
Invest in premium graphics design experts for your print or digital publishing projects. We follow your branding guidelines to the tee and ensure to use the right font and optimize your images.
Office Beacon’s finance professionals create reports, process invoices, monitor cash flows, and manage and configure accounting software. They also handle various other clerical tasks.
why office beacon

Why Office Beacon?

Rapid recruitment process
Weekly performance reporting
Absolute data protection

Executive Assistants FAQs

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