Proud to announce our newest Delivery Center in South Africa.Why South Africa?

Our Mission

The Future of Work is @ Office Beacon

Paid Services

There’s no business service that Office Beacon doesn’t offer its clients.

We remove the obstacles to growing a business and ensuring exceptional service delivery, predictable pricing and hassle-free communications.

Free Software

Every entrepreneur must have a suite of core business software to run their business effectively.

Office Beacon DOES NOT believe in software licensing models. That’s why we include enterprise-grade software to every Office Beacon client.  It’s the same software we use to grow our business.

Customer Focussed

Our focus is very singular. It’s simply to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

We constantly strive to deliver on this commitment by enabling long-term, sustainable competitive advantages.

Whether it is “cost effective” staffing solutions or “license free” software, as we deliver on this mission, we all grow – our clients, our employees and our partners.

Pranav Dalal

Founder & Chief Disruption Officer

What Makes Office Beacon Different?

Transparent Pricing

Whether its on-demand plan or a monthly subscription, upfront pricing is what you’ll always get.

On-Demand Plans

Use any service and get the first month free. No long-term commitments.

Quality Control

We’re so confident in our quality that we offer unlimited revisions.

We Want Feedback

Good or bad, we promise no awkward communications.

We Work For You

Never worry again about being held hostage by freelancers. We’re available 24×7.

We Walk The Talk

We use all services & software to grow our own business.

The best way to understand Office Beacon is to try us!

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