Proud to announce our newest Delivery Center in South Africa.Why South Africa?

Delivery Centers

Clark, Philippines

The Clark Freeport and Special Economic Zone (CFEZ)[2], also simply known as Clark, refers to an area spanning the city of Angeles and the provinces of Pampanga and Tarlac in the Philippines. A two-hour drive north of Manila, Clark covers the area of the former United States Air Force facility, Clark Air Base. Most of this air base has been converted to the Clark International Airport. Office Beacon has had operations in the Philippines since 2014. Our growth there has been significant rivalling our operations in India.

Vadodara, india

Office Beacon has had a presence in Vadodara, India since 2001. Considered a 2nd tier city, Vadodara enjoys extremely low employee turnover (6% annually for Office Beacon) and extremely low inflation unlike Tier 1 cities such as Mumbai. World-class infrastructure, redundant internet, hydro and stability with respect to inclement weather. Unlike major cities such as Mumbai, we are rarely affected by monsoons. We have a large labor pool to draw from and a 100,000 square foot facility with another similar facility currently under construction.

Montevideo, uruguay

Our operations center in Uruguay is Office Beacon’s newest facility launched this year. With the overwhelming demand we’ve been receiving from clients to provide bilingual service reps (Spanish/English), we conducted an in depth analysis and concluded that Uruguay provided the best opportunity for expansion.

Key facts

  • Uruguay has a highly educated workforce
  • Uruguay has long standing traditions of democracy and legal and social stability and a solid financial and legal framework that is attractive to foreign investors looking for business ventures in the region.
  • Official and most used language is Spanish. English is the foreign language most used by the business community. Literacy rate is high and nearly all population has access to education, health services, potable water, telephony and electricity
  • Primary and Secondary education are compulsory and, as well as higher levels of education, free of charge. Uruguayan educational system is divided among Secondary school, Technical schools and Universities, all of them combined with a wide range of private schools at those educational levels.

What’s the difference?

Philippines: Best for tasks involving any type of phone, email, chat communications support

Uruguay: Excellent for all the above but also requirements involving bilingual reps (Spanish/English)

India: Best utilized for high volume, back office services not involving any requirement for end-client communications, also excellent for accounting, IT support and other professional services

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