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    Top 10 ways to Boost Business Growth by 10x

    • August 18, 2022
    • 12 min read
    • By Amen Mpofu

    Are you looking for ways to boost your business growth dramatically? If so, you’re in luck. This post will share 10 powerful remote staffing tips to help you achieve 10x growth. So, let’s get started!”

    The business landscape has changed quite a bit since 2020. As a result, it’s no surprise that remote staffing has become an effective way for companies of all sizes to scale. It elevates your company’s operational performance while cutting costs at the same time.

    You have probably grown accustomed to your own employees working from home. Another model to seriously consider is outsourcing to a company that can staff for your back office needs.

    Did you know that a remote staffing partnership can help your business grow 10x faster than usual?

    But first, let’s unpack remote staffing.

    What is remote staffing?

    Remote staffing

    Remote staffing involves paying a monthly flat fee to a third party that will take care of your HR needs. The outsourced company will source, hire, train, and supervise the person or team you need.

    In the case of Office Beacon, you have a dedicated full-time remote employee who works in an Office Beacon office. Office Beacon conforms to all employment laws of the country where your full-time employee resides in order to protect them, and most importantly, your company’s information remains secure.

    Here are the top 10 ways to boost your business growth 10x (or more) using a remote staffing company.

    1. Reduced operational costs

    In-house employees require that you have an administrative office, which comes with extra costs. But you can save on overhead expenses like employee benefits, workplace services, utilities, and infrastructure costs through remote staffing. As a result, you don’t incur ancillary costs such as office space and equipment when you use a remote staffing company.

    2. Seamless productivity

    Seamless coordination means your dedicated remote employee works with you effectively and efficiently, making decisions and moving forward as a team. Everyone pulls their weight and contributes to the overall success of your organization.

    Office Beacon achieves this by carefully planning and communicating with your business. As a result, it leads to the following outcomes:

    • Your remote staffing team clarifies the goals and priorities.
    • There is clear and frequent communication about changes in deadlines and requirements.
    • The team is ready for unexpected interruptions in your organization.

    If by chance, your remote employee leaves, the staffing company will quickly find and train a replacement. It stabilizes your productivity.

    3. Faster scalability

    As your business grows, there will be a need for more employees to take up new roles. And the hiring process is long, which makes it challenging to get new workers for your business quickly.

    But a remote staffing company helps you scale faster because staff with different skills are already available. As a result, you can keep up with demand and ensure you have enough employees to meet customer demand.

    Using a remote staffing service helps you hire more remote workers in less time and at a lower cost. That’s because the company does all the recruitment and deployment for you.

    4. Are you dropping the ball on customer service?

    If you’re recently getting numerous customer complaints, it is a sign that you should outsource to remote staffing companies.

    Customers are rarely interested in knowing why a problem occurred; they need solutions. A staffing solution company has a talent pool of experienced professionals that will serve your customers better and can provide round-the-clock support if necessary.

    5. Data protection

    In today’s cyber world, your data security is paramount. A reputable remote staffing provider has cyber security systems in place to avoid data leaks and cyber-thefts. It has set some parameters and follows all the international cyber security guidelines.

    Office Beacon has partnered with E&Y for regular audits. We have licensed software, including antivirus and malware protection software, for servers and work stations security. We connect with business systems via a secure VPN to avoid data leaks.

    data security

    6. Back-up systems

    Unlike WFH employees, a remote staffing company has backup generators and systems. It ensures your remote employees continue to be productive without your company incurring extra costs.

    7. Geographic expansion

    Remote staffing is a potent resource that can help your business effortlessly expand into other geographical markets. That’s why we launched a new facility in Montevideo in Uruguay five months ago to cater to your business growth needs. Because of Uruguay’s high literacy rate, we can provide you with bi-lingual (Spanish and English) remote staffing services.

    You can tap into Uruguay’s bilingual capabilities to explore international markets and enhance your market share without breaking your bank. That’s because there is no need to hire extra staff to get your company off the ground.

    Expanding your operations worldwide is more rapid when you collaborate with a remote staffing company. And you won’t have to develop the infrastructure for employees.

    8. Continuous training

    employee training

    Upskilling workers is vital for your efficiency. It helps your employees work more effectively, which reduces costs and boosts profits. A remote staffing company provides your remote employees with the most current training. 

    9. Strategic focus

    If you have in-house staff, you need to conduct regular meetings, assess their performance, and consider remuneration and labor laws. These administrative activities eat into your strategic planning time

    Luckily, with a remote staffing service company, you can free yourself from managing employees. You can also avoid day-to-day tasks that a virtual assistant can handle, such as checking emails and scheduling meetings. Thus, you can zero in on improving your company’s revenue and profits.

    10. Software support

    Let’s face it. Software support is expensive and requires ongoing maintenance and upgrades. A major advantage of working with Office Beacon is the added benefit of our exclusive Flowz software. With Flowz, your company doesn’t have to subscribe to various services for video conferencing, texting, CRM, data storage, and project management. This adds up to a huge cost savings over time.

    Office Beacon's 20+ years of experience in remote staffing

    Since 2001, Office Beacon has helped hundreds of companies like yours maximize their growth with our virtual staffing expertise. And here are examples of the services you can expect.

    Written by Amen Mpofu

    Amen Mpofu is a prolific writer with a knack for SEO. He has helped companies worldwide to grow their businesses by improving their online presence. Amen has written two non-fiction books, which are available on Amazon.

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