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Office Beacon Remote Support Staff

Hire part-time or full-time staff when you’re business demands it.

Scale Your Business

Scale Any Service

With Office Beacon, you can add more staff resources when your business demands it. Plus, you’ll continue to have access to all other services and software.

Simple Contracts

Scale your business when you need it…affordably and efficiently. Fixed pricing, no overhead and guaranteed support.


Communicate and collaborate directly with your OfficeBeaconPro rep everyday and on your business hours.

Fully Managed

Our OfficeBeaconPro service is fully managed. You never have to worry about HR headaches.

Scale Your Business with an Office Beacon Pro

Office Beacon has been at the forefront of the remote outsourcing space since 2001. We strive to help business owners lighten their operational workload so they can focus on scaling their businesses.

Bachelor’s Degree or University Experience

Work with the same staff everyday

No complicated or onerous contracts

Flat-rate monthly pricing

Office Beacon Tracker™ Remote Work Monitoring System

How does Office Beacon Tracker™ work?

Using a combination of proprietary artificial intelligence, sophisticated video recording and screen capture, we monitor the OfficeBeaconPro staff working for you.

Research has shown that employees waste up to an hour a day slacking off or surfing social media.* With Office Beacon Tracker™, we ensure you are charged for actual production time only. Say goodbye to wasted on-the-clock time.

Take a Listen to Our Customers

Office Beacon provides the full spectrum of services.  As I think about our growth, that partnership has been a very important part of it. Our industry is complex, and our ability to grow quickly is depending on partners like Office Beacon.

David Nicholson

CEO, Polyconcept North America

Melody Collet

VP Of Technology, Comda

Office Beacon has had an immediate and positive impact on our bottom line.  Being up in Seattle, it’s difficult to find the resources you need when you need it.   With Office Beacon we found a group of great employees who could work for us right away and at a very cost effective rate.

Mitch Mounger

CEO, Sunrise Identity
(A Halo Branded Solutions Company)

Paul Bellantone

President, PPAI

I wish it was only me using Office Beacon and not my competitors.  We bought six companies and each company we buy we have integrated Office Beacon into them.

Bill Korowitz

CEO, The Magnet Group

David Thompson

CEO, National Pen
(A VistaPrint Company)

I think the simplest way to put it is that Office Beacon has a ‘can do’ attitude.  I’ve yet to present something to Office Beacon that they couldn’t do or figure out.  We’ve grown our business significantly and have acquired six companies.  Office Beacon supports and interacts with all parts of our supply chain.

Chris Jackson

VP of Supply Chain, SpinMaster

Eddie Blau

CEO & President, Innovation Line

We are not able to get more work done in a more cost effective way.  They are incredibly valuable resources and besides just the cost savings, I save about 50% in time.

Wendy Barlin, CPA

CEO, Barlin & Associates

Riad Nizam

President, Master Electronics

Office Beacon has really enabled us to grow faster by hiring double the talent for a single local resource cost and having multiple eyes for that solution has made us grow faster due to the increased quality and faster turn times. I foresee our relationship with OfficeBeacon the last thing a very long time and I would definitely recommend them to any health care organization...

Abid Sattani

Elite Health Services

R.J. Radobenko

President at Global Roofing Group

We saw Office Beacon as a potential solution Expert. We’ve been working with Office Beacon for a number of years now. We get a dedicated person on our business and that works incredibly well. But the really great thing is that they are dedicated to us.

Simon Kaye

Jaguar Freight

Devin Piscitelli

President, AAkron Line

Office Beacon's remote staff work with engineering companies to significantly improve their bottom lines, gain access to technical staff and ramp up operations. With our business growing exponentially,

Sean Taba

CEO at Best Contracting

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