Behind The Scenes with Veena Rampersad





Simply stated: Veena is a powerhouse.  So much so that Pranav Dalal, Office Beacon’s Chief Disruption, pursued Veena to join OB for nearly 3 years.  Knowing she would be a game-changer, Pranav set his sights on having Veena in charge of global operations and people management.  And change the game is exactly what Veena did.

Veena’s Notable Accomplishments

  • Establishing a new operations center that will accommodate nearly 750 employees in Clark, Philippines
  • Hire and train an entirely new production management team in the Philippines
  • Instrumental in nearly 500% growth in 1 Year
  • Establish a company culture of growth for all

The Back Story

Veena has close working relationships with clients and employees alike. Her ability to get into details, while holding such huge responsibilities is a testament to her unique skill sets and background.

But the story doesn’t end there.  Pranav and Veena met at a startup nearly 25 years ago.  At that startup, one of Canada’s first cellular phone carriers, it was Veena who called up Pranav and chewed him out over an error he made.  Pranav was starting his first job out of university but instantly recognized that Veena would be instrumental in his life. And instrumental she was, not only be a close confidente but now, effectively running the company’s global operations.


Veena is on the advisory board of Humber College and is also certified as a global business coach.  She has the support of two fantastic daughters and a great husband. We can only add that if you’re not associated with Veena, you should be.  

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