The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Video Editing Outsourcing

Video plays a crucial role in modern business. It can be used for staff training, marketing, and a host of other tasks to save both time and money while creating a better impression of the business. If you’re going to incorporate this type of visual media into your operation, however, it’s imperative that you do it well. Video editing is arguably the most significant aspect, as this is where it all comes to life.

Video editing outsourcing allows you to gain the professional results without the need to master editing yourself. When choosing an external company or freelancer to take care of this situation, making the right choice is essential. Here are 10 pointers to ensure that you do.

1. Turn Time

How quickly will my finished videos be delivered?

In today’s world of modern business, the need for speed is undeniable. There’s no time for wasting weeks waiting for a project to be completed, which is why you should always outsource to a company that can complete the job in the quickest time possible.

You will inevitably pay a little extra for guaranteed quick turnarounds, but reliable results are worth the investment as it’ll allow you to reap the rewards far sooner. After all, if it tasks too long for those videos to be delivered, they could be outdated by the time they go live.

2. Quality

Will the videos boast that professional atmosphere that the company craves?

A quick turnaround is pointless if the videos look amateurish. A lack of quality will distract viewers, preventing your product from creating the desired impact. As such, it’s imperative that you avoid this problem by outsourcing to a company or individual that provides quality.

Aside from the quality of the videos, you also want to know that they will compress and publish videos in the most suitable manner. On the one hand, you don’t want to compromise quality. On the other hand, though, you don’t want users to wait an hour for large files to download.

3. Skill Set

Do they have the ability to capitalizing on the full possibilities of modern video?

Video editing is a complex job that requires a professional touch. If it were as simple as simply buying a video editing package and putting in a few hours of work, you’d have completed the job internally. You’ve acknowledged the need for talent, so make sure that the experts boast it.

It’s not just a case of cutting clips and putting them into a timeline. Your video editors should know how to add special effects, fix any issues (including with the sound) and publish the final cut for a winning product. You may also need subtitles in various languages depending on the project.

4. Tools & Software

Are the latest facilities being used, or will my videos look a little outdated?

A quality product is one thing, but a quality product that is ahead of the times is another altogether. The world of visual media has evolved at a rapid rate in recent years, and sticking with outdated ideas can hold you back – irrespective of the professionalism used.

Utilizing the latest tools and software enables the video editor to incorporate interaction and other advanced properties that will take your visual media to another level. When the videos are designed with the user experience in mind, you’ll see a far better outcome.

5. Experience

How long has the video editor worked in the field?

While it’s true that some people have a natural flair for video editing, you should know that it’s a job where you get better with practice. It’s a constant learning curve, so choosing an expert with lots of experience will usually result in a better finalized package.

Apart from the promise of a better product, this experience means that the editor knows how to handle setbacks and faults. When choosing inexperienced users, a simple mistake could significantly delay the delivery of your videos.

6. Portfolio

Does the video editor have experience of working with companies like ours?

Aside from boasting general experience, you should seek a video editing company that can specialize in your industry. If you’re creating a video commercial for a sports product, you don’t want the experts to edit a package more suited to a ‘how to’ guide.

Asking potential video experts to show you their work, with a focus on products that are closest to yours, provides far greater insight. If nothing else, this can give you new ideas and lets you point the editors in the right direction of elements that you’d like to see replicated.

7. Additional Skills

Will the video editors merely edit the video, or will they go the extra mile?

Depending on the type of video being used, the editing may not be the final step. If it’s going to be a part of a promotional pack, you may need to think about publishing the video to DVD or a USB stick. Alternatively, password protected web links may be necessary.

A video editor that boasts the additional skills and qualifications in related aspects can open the door to a wealth of new opportunities. Or, if you’re looking to re-brand the entire business, knowing that the company also boasts branding experts and web designers can work wonders too.

8. Team Dynamics

Does the company boast a professional team and good leadership?

Once the project has been handed over to an outside company, you need to know that the leaders within that team will actively drive your videos towards the finish line in the quickest and most professional manner. Poor team dynamics could come back to haunt you.

While you don’t need to know everyone within the company, a little research into the team and how they can actively take care of your video editing needs is essential. If your gut instincts tell you that a better option is out there, they’re probably right.

9. Communication

Will our company know where it stands at all times?

Great communication sits at the heart of all modern business, and your video outsourcing activities shouldn’t be any different. Without the right interaction between you and the video editors, it’s likely that they’ll create the product they want. In truth, they need to produce the video you want.

On a similar note, you should want to be kept in the loop throughout the editing process. Knowing where the project currently stands allows you to make calculated decision in related fields. If nothing else, it offers peace of mind.

10. Cost

Will the service offer value for money?

While all of the above features are crucial, it’s important to keep hold of the fact that all videos are a business investment. It is subsequently impossible to think about the outsourcing process without considering the financial implications.

The cheapest option should not be confused with the most valuable, but you’ll want to analyze the different options to ensure that you get the best possible price. Before doing anything, though, you need to set yourself a budget. Otherwise, you could be asking for trouble.