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Helping clients scale new application frontiers, Office Beacon’s web application development team draws from our decades of experience in web design and development to help you implement integrated systems and processes.

Collaborating with you, we enable better control and visibility into your web development project – by strategically combining mature project development methodologies with robu

PHP Development

st project management tools and domain expertise to deliver end-to-end web development services.

Need professional web application PHP development services? We offer development and programming in all PHP frameworks, in a comprehensive range of fully featured and scalable services:

PHP web development

Corporate website development

Enterprise web application development

Custom module development

Custom PHP web application development

PHP-based CMS Development

PHP extension development


Our team offers specialized open source technology consulting and advisory services – plus, we can build custom open source applications to your specifications at competitive pricing.

WordPress Development: Want a professional WordPress site? We offer custom WordPress themes, templates, plugin and WordPress sites for small and mid-sized businesses, brands, publishers and larger enterprise-level services

WordPress Development

E-commerce Web Design and Development

Magento Development

HTML5 Website Development

AJAX Development

UI/UX Design Services

Node.js API Development and Integration


Designing, developing and launching custom mobile applications is totally within your reach, whether you’re a startup, small business or large enterprise. Our mobile application team uses the latest tools, frameworks and software development kits to design and develop custom mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows environments.

From mobile strategy to application design and development, to mobile testing and deployment, we adhere to proven global standards and methodologies to deliver top-ranking mobile apps that people love to use. Our team develops and deploys mobility services that encompass strategy and industry-specific accelerators aimed at building your future-proof organization.

iOS Application Development

Application Development Services for iPhone

Application Development Services for iPad

Android Application Development

Windows Application Development: 

Cross-Platform Application Development:

Progressive Web Applications (PWA):

Swift Application Development: 


Do you struggle to hire talented IT professionals, developers and programmers? Whether you want to hire a dedicated developer on an hourly, part-time or full-time basis, we can provide experts to fit with your specific project needs.

Office Beacon’s flexible hiring models give you the ability to directly communicate with your dedicated application developers, assign work and monitor a project’s overall progress. We’ll help you quickly ramp up your team, so you can launch your product or add onsite support to meet your organizational objectives.

Flexible Hiring Models: Our flexible hiring models help you concentrate on your core business activities. We can provide you with dedicated specialists to fill your project’s gaps, for short-term projects or product development – and you won’t worry about overhead costs. Choose from three flexible hiring models:

Extended Team

Managed Dedicated Team

Product Development Team

Hiring Project Managers

Hiring Mobile App Developers

Hiring Web Developers

Hiring Microsoft Developers

Hiring Front-End Developers

Hiring Cloud Specialists


Harness the unmatched potential of augmented and virtual reality technologies to create captivating and unique user experiences on the web and mobile. Our specialists redefine the way peoaple interact with your app through augmented and virtual realities. We bring your app to life by incorporating the latest Apple and Google frameworks, such as ARKit and ARCore. Our in-house team of UI/UX designers, app developers, digital producers and 3-D artists work collaboratively to build next-gen applications that interact with the real world in more innovative, lifelike ways.

Augmented Reality: Our team provides augmented reality experiences via your mobile app using the perfect combination of technology, creativity and innovation. Our augmented reality developers bring diverse technical proficiencies and build high-quality AR services for both consumer and enterprise projects.

Virtual Reality: Our virtual reality application specialists transforms ordinary apps to ones that provide a seamless virtual reality experience that enthralls users.perience that enthralls users.


Through our DevOps consulting services, we help enterprises move from traditional project-based implementations to rapid delivery-based services. Our DevOps services eliminate the need for enterprises to work in silos and automate and standardize development and operational tasks for continuous improvement. Our specialist help companies overcome the challenging bottleneck of software development to ensure fast and agile delivery. We can help you with:

✔ Configuration Management

✔ Continuous Delivery

✔ Continuous Integration

✔ DevOps on AWS

✔ Monitoring and Logging

✔ Seamless Environment

✔ Immutable Infrastructure

✔ Built to Grow

✔ Zero-Downtime Deployment


  • Artificial intelligence technology replicates human intelligence in a structured manner. This intelligence opens up new frontiers for businesses to automate their operations and processes by leveraging the strength of AI applications.

    We offer artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and data science services to small to large enterprises – we’ll guide you on how AI services can maximize your ROI and uncomplicate business operations. If you want to build the best AI software, virtual agents or assistants that understand and interpret human behavior in order to deliver the best support and user experience, we can help. 

      AI Consulting Service : Given the expansion of digital disruption across every industry today, we advise our customers on potential AI opportunities and best practices.

     AI Product Development:  Our competencies in top-tier commercial and open-source AI tools allow us to rapidly set up and configure AI software products in our clients’ environments.

    AI Model Development and Maintenance : Our competencies in top-tier commercial and open-source AI tools allow us to rapidly set up and configure AI software products in our clients’ environments.

    ?Natural Language Processing 

    ? Machine Learning

    ? Computer Vision

    ? Language Processing


Need help defining a big data strategy and choosing the right technologies to complement your existing data warehouse? Using our business domain expertise, we help clients integrate big data into their overall IT roadmap. Our data scientists take a unique approach: Employing our big data analytics, we review each of your data elements individually and your data pool as a whole. Then, we architect and implement a big services to take your business to the next level. 

Apache Hadoop

Apache Hive

Apache Mahout

Apache Pig

Apache Thrift

Apache ZooKeeper

Apache Kafka

NoSQL Database

Apache Spark


Want to harness the power of Blockchain technology? We create secure networks where data-based transactions are reliable, verifiable and traceable. Our experts make it easy for our clients to adopt Blockchain technology by addressing the challenges of process and technology interoperability across a decentralized network. Take advantage of our custom development modules, which we can easily customize depending on your specific requirements and preferences.

Explore the strength and benefits of the Blockchain network with our wide range of services:

Blockchain Consulting and Development

Decentralized Blockchain App Development

Private Blockchain Development

Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract Audit

POC Development

Hyperledger Development



We offer a comprehensive range of remote infrastructure management (RIM) services to help companies of all sizes stay competitive, reduce downtime and cut costs, while adhering to the highest standards of security and compliance.

We provide proactive support – that means we’ll provide a quick and cost-effective services to manage your infrastructure and database. With our effective RIM services, you can monitor your infrastructure and its components, including servers, databases, networks, applications, and storage devices from remote and global delivery sites.

Our expert team can help with:

Server management

Network management

Security management

Storage administration and management services

Backup management

Performance tuning

Database Support

Cloud monitoring and support

Dedicated support


Robotic process automation (RPA) technology allows you to configure computer software – or a “robot” – to emulate human actions within digital systems to execute almost any business process. RPA robots rely on user interfaces to capture data and manipulate applications just like humans do. These robots interpret, communicate and trigger responses with other systems to perform a vast variety of repetitive tasks usually tasked to employees. Your employees will be the first to appreciate the benefits of RPA robots, as they remove non-value-add activities from their workloads – allowing them to focus on mission-critical tasks.

With RPA, you’ll experience:

Better accuracy

Improved compliance

Quick cost savings

Super scalable


Our team has revamped quality assurance and testing to focus on creating intelligent processes that promote business and technology change, as well as enhance customer experience. We combine the latest methodologies, technical expertise and industry best practices, all underscored by world-class tools to address your current testing challenges.

Our quality assurance team offers:

Defect diagnosis

Testing roadmap tailored for business needs

Test environment management

Data assurance

Expertise in various automated QA testing

Framework-based automation services

Continuous and automated testing

Performance testing and engineering

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