Unleash the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with our services in enterprise automation – enterprise grade security & controls,Artificial Intelligence technologies, and process automation. With Office Beacon enterprise automation services by your side, you can lead the competition with ease.


Experience the benefits of automation across the enterprise
Leverage the benefits of RPA to attain structured workflows, enhanced data quality, no human errors and other value-added offerings that strengthen the organisational processes and enhance overall productivity. In short, with RPA you never have to worry about costly & time-consuming implementations of business-critical initiatives.
Cost Reductions
Eliminate the need for setting up intensive back-office operations. Minimize the administrative costs and significantly reduce the repetitive manual processes that add to your recurring expenses.
Robotic automation is five times faster than human processes. It is also very accurate which means you can run your operations in an error-free environment.
Unshackle your productive hours from the mundane processes with 24X7 support from Office Beacon. Let your team focus on core business issues while we take care of your routine business processes.
Achieve more output in fewer resources with Office Beacon. Drastically increase your organisation’s efficiency with the well-organized team of Office Beacon that will take care of your time-consuming processes end-to-end.


Ease of Automation
  • Office Beacon will help you simplify all stages of process automation, right from design to production.
  • Our Visual Process Designer software offers intuitive drag and drop functionality for smoother process developments.
  • Free code components enable all stakeholders to manage automated processes seamlessly.
Best-in-Class Technology Infrastructure
  • Automate any process with us, independent of the type of application and underlying technology.
  • We offer uninterrupted support for Java, HTML5, Microsoft, .NET, Silverlight, WPF, Citrix, and all major web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Google Chrome.
  • Dedicated ‘Terminal Emulation’ actions form an intrinsic part of our offerings.
  • We support multiple OCR engines, Microsoft MODI, Google Tesseract, and ABBY Flexicapture.
  • Our offerings include integration with major cognitive services provided by Microsoft, Google and IBM Watson.
Complete Development and Maintenance of Processes
  • We offer a complete suite of services for enterprise automation which includes sophisticated technologies like Intelligent Desktop and Web Recorders. These enable fast prototyping by converting any user interaction into processes.
  • Pre-programmed built-in actions for over 300 interactions with any application.
  • Our User-Libraries store user-generated actions that can be reused and applied in multiple processes.
  • Our advanced editing tools and debugger enable centralized editing and enhance reusability without interrupting your workflow.
Value-Driven Offerings
  • We offer a quick & economical set up that is easy to deploy and intuitive to use.
  • Our enterprise automation services support all deployment architecture including on-premises, public cloud ( AWS, Azure, Google), private cloud or any hybrid combination.
  • High availability and disaster recovery deployments ensure maximum possible uptime, horizontal scaling and business continuity.
Enhanced Operational Performance and Productivity
  • Our Multitasker program executes multiple processes at the same time ensuring complete utilization of robots and the hardware infrastructure.
  • Advanced synchronization techniques allow multi-processing and optimum performance.
  • SoloBots and SideBots support dual automation scenarios including Unattended and Attended mode.
  • The RPA also has self-login functionality that results in time-saving.
  • The suite also has user-assisting RPA programmed for better collaboration.
Enterprise-Grade Security
  • Seamless integration with Active Directory allows smooth enterprise user management.
  • We offer advanced security features like Kerberos authentication and single sign-on (SSO).
  • Our centrally managed encrypted stores are safe for storing and managing the credentials
  • We offer role-based granular permission and Access Control throughout the platform.
  • Object-Level access for additional security and control. Support for AES 256 bit (data at rest) and TLS1.2 (data in motion) encryption protocols.
Risk-Control and Efficient Exception Handling
  • Process Robot offers 4 level exception handling – action, block, process, and global.
  • Enterprise automation programs ensure there is a minimum risk in case of application changes through centralized controls repository.
  • Exception Video Recorder captures videos and screenshots on exception occurrence.
Track Performance and Progress
  • ProcessRobot offers analytics and real-time progress of organisational goals.
  • Generates detailed auditing and logging reports
  • Allows integration with third-party logging systems like Elastic Search and Kibana.
  • Detailed reporting of all activities performed by robots.
  • You can set custom KPIs for any data tracked along with any robotic automation activity.
  • There is an in-built ROI calculator.

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