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For over 23 years, Office Beacon has been the #1 virtual staffing provider for executives and their businesses globally. We offer:

  • World-class infrastructure, technology and security
  • 24/7 Dependable customer care
  • Trained virtual staff

Outsource Office Beacon’s PDF to BIM Conversion

How Office Beacon Does It

Every time a need arises for you to convert PDF files to CAD, you’ll look for a conversion services company that can help do it at an affordable price, which is something Office Beacon can do.

  • Office Beacon engineers use CAD software to convert PDF Raster Image to CAD Vector.
  • Our team is adept at using Autodesk Revit to convert PDF to 3D Models.
  • Office Beacon CAD experts can reformat all your drawings of any size to meet your requirements.
  • Office Beacon engineers and CAD experts can create custom 2D to 3D Architectural sketches,

Why Office Beacon

  • You work with the best engineers, CAD experts, and designers in the industry,
  • Office Beacon uses per minute pricing; there are no hidden costs; no contracts;
  • You’ll get an exceptional PDF to CAD service,
  • All Office Beacon CAD experts and engineers are highly experienced,
  • You’ll access other services and powerful tools,
  • Office Beacon portal will give you 100% control over your project.

Outsource Office Beacon’s PDF to BIM Conversion

Office Beacon’s PDF to BIM conversion service is an indispensable part of industries like architecture, construction and more.


Our CAD experts can reformat drawings of any size to meet your business requirements. 


Technical Expertise

We have the technical expertise to use tools like Autodesk Revit to convert PDFs into 3-D Models.

Faster Service

Office Beacon designers can complete your PDF to BIM Conversion project on a shorter timeline.


Our PDF to BIM Conversion services include 2-D and 3-D custom architectural sketches. 

Office Beacon Virtual Assistant

  • Work with expert engineers and designers 

  • Work is completed on a shorter timeline 

  • 24/7 customer care

  • Protect your data through enforceable NDAs

In-House Employee

  • It is expensive to hire, train and manage the employee

  • Fixed working hours can impede the task

  • No 24/7 availability

  • Take extra measure to protect your data

How We Work
  • Analyze


    We analyze your business goals and identify your staffing and software needs.

  • Analyze


    We source the perfect virtual assistant/s who can meet your specific requirements.

  • Analyze

    Train and Monitor

    Our team lead sets KPI expectations, trains and monitors your staff, and oversees your project.

  • Analyze

    Provide Reports

    We share weekly quality reports and bi-weekly feedback emails on your staff’s progress.

Other Editing Services

Jewelry Photo Editing

Entice customers to buy your stunning jewelry using high-quality images produced by Office Beacon’s designers.

Photo Color Correction

Our designers fix your distorted images by balancing and correcting the colors on your photos.

Image Background Removal

Office Beacon helps you mae the best out of unusable photos by professionally removing the unwanted objects.

Image Masking

Office Beacon makes your pictures look unique and protects them from being manipulated by a third party through our image masking services.

Virtual Staffing We Provide

Office Beacon has been sourcing talented virtual assistants for its clients since 2001.
We strive to help business owners lighten their operational workload so they can focus on scaling their businesses.

No job role is off-limits for us. Reach out to hire specialists like engineering estimators, medical billers, legal assistants, etc.
Build stronger sales pipelines with Office Beacon. Outsource prospect appointment setters, sales support reps, and call center specialists.
Our marketing experts streamline all your online marketing needs. Office Beacon SEO assistants help your technical leads with PPC management, SEO fixes, etc.
Hire our app developers to build your apps from concept to implementation. Office Beacon’s website developers help create websites that meet your technical and design needs.
Simplify your operations with Office Beacon. Outsource inventory management experts, order management specialists, graphic designers, and more.
Our general virtual assistants execute all your secretarial duties. They also take care of your projects, data, staffing, and bookkeeping needs.
why office beacon

Why Office Beacon?

Rapid recruitment process
Weekly performance reporting
Absolute data protection


Take a Listen to Our Customers

Office Beacon provides the full spectrum of services.  As I think about our growth, that partnership has been a very important part of it. Our industry is complex, and our ability to grow quickly is depending on partners like Office Beacon.

David Nicholson

CEO, Polyconcept North America

Melody Collet

VP Of Technology, Comda

Office Beacon has had an immediate and positive impact on our bottom line.  Being up in Seattle, it’s difficult to find the resources you need when you need it.   With Office Beacon we found a group of great employees who could work for us right away and at a very cost effective rate.

Mitch Mounger

CEO, Sunrise Identity
(A Halo Branded Solutions Company)

Paul Bellantone

President, PPAI

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Office Beacon has been very integral to the success of our company and allowing us to grow.  Because it’s been such a positive experience for us, I don’t want to recommend them to our competition, but I have in the past and definitely will in the future.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Devin Piscitelli

President, AAkron Line

Bill Korowitz

CEO, The Magnet Group

Since we’ve worked with Office Beacon, we’ve grown our revenues by over 10% year after year on a global basis, we’ve grown our earnings by more than 10% as well and frankly, our business is exploding which would not have been possible without the Office Beacon partnership.

David Thompson

CEO, National Pen
(A VistaPrint Company)

Chris Jackson

VP of Supply Chain, SpinMaster

Office Beacon has definitely helped us to grow.  Instead of us doing our own processes, Office Beacon does that work for us so that we can focus our attention on sales and marketing. We are a mid-sized company with limited resources, so it’s better to put our resources into building the business than the infrastructure that Office Beacon provides.

Eddie Blau

CEO & President, Innovation Line

Wendy Barlin, CPA

CEO, Barlin & Associates

Office Beacon's remote staff work with engineering companies to significantly improve their bottom lines, gain access to technical staff and ramp up operations. With our business growing exponentially, Office Beacon is a key partner to help us deal with the overflow seamlessly and on a low budget.

Sean Taba

CEO at Best Contracting

Riad Nizam

President, Master Electronics

Office Beacon has really enabled us to grow faster by hiring double the talent for a single local resource cost and having multiple eyes for that solution has made us grow faster due to the increased quality and faster turn times. I foresee our relationship with OfficeBeacon the last thing a very long time and I would definitely recommend them to any health care organization...

Abid Sattani

Elite Health Services

R.J. Radobenko

President at Global Roofing Group

We saw Office Beacon as a potential solution Expert. We’ve been working with Office Beacon for a number of years now. We get a dedicated person on our business and that works incredibly well. But the really great thing is that they are dedicated to us.

Simon Kaye

Jaguar Freight

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