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Social media marketing : With Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram averaging over a billion monthly active users, there is no doubt that social media marketing is essential for building a brand and engaging with customers.

But with active users and a sense of urgency to post frequently with relevant content, it isn’t easy to maintain an effective social media presence.

Outsourcing your social media marketing can help you manage and maintain your social media channels and save you time, money, and resources.

Our social media professionals can help with:

  Content creation

 Social media campaign planning

 Scheduling updates

 Community management

 Campaign analytics and optimization

Email Marketing Campaign :  Email is still a proven and effective means of communication for keeping in touch with your customers. From sending important updates to keeping them in-the-know about specials and promotions, getting into your customers’ inboxes with effective messaging can drive sales, retention, and relationships.

Office Beacon’s email marketing service provide:

  Audience segmentation

 Email campaign design

  Email analytics

 Automated campaign management

 Transaction email updates

 Workflow creation and management

 Autoresponder setup

Our email marketing goal is to drive customer engagement through all phases of the customer journey and focus on achieving your business goals. Through effective audience segmentation, campaign planning, execution, and monitoring, we can help your company use email marketing as an effective and efficient marketing channel.

Content Marketing :  Without great content, a marketing campaign cannot succeed. Our content marketing service starts with creating an effective content strategy that is aligned with your business needs. We use our professional knowledge to identify effective content topics and formats that will drive your digital marketing strategy.  

Office Beacon’s content marketing services include:

   Developing engaging content

 Measuring and analyzing content marketing metrics

 Creating visual content pieces

360° Marketing : Our 360-degree marketing campaign planning and execution is aimed at reaching customers at all points of contact. This plan considers the customer journey and the digital and offline touchpoints where your business and marketing messages can make an impact. From customer service calls to social media, executing a 360-degree marketing campaign will provide a cohesive and planned effort to give your business the marketing push it needs.

Office Beacon’s 360 degree marketing service includes:

 Review of existing marketing strategies

 Campaign planning

 Marketing channel identification

 Messaging strategy

 Distribution strategy

Direct Mailer : In addition to our digital marketing services, we offer direct mail campaigns that have both an online and offline component.

Our direct mail service focuses on creating effective marketing messages to reach your customer segments and drive them to engage within your digital spaces. From a direct mailer to a landing page with effective content, we help you encourage your customers to take action.

Office Beacon’s direct mail services include:

 Direct mail messaging

 Direct mail copy and design

 Campaign-specific landing pages

 Landing page conversion forms

 Campaign email follow-up

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