Behind The Scenes with Marie Moncrieffe





Marie has been a mainstay at Office Beacon.  She’s seen it all having worked for the company for nearly 12 years.   And it all happened by circumstance. Years ago, as OB was starting its growth trajectory, Pranav Dalal- OB’s Chief Disruption Officer, was looking for individuals who could offer a diversified skill set and work the hours needed to support the growing company.  Through a mutual acquaintance, Marie was referred to OB, based on her previous work experience at Ernst & Young, and the rest is history.

Pranav is particularly proud of Marie and her accomplishments which include:

  • Implementing nearly 120 clients within a 5-month timeframe
  • Working in every department of the company
  • Traveling 10s of thousands of miles to India and back to implement various workflows and train staff
  • Developing long-lasting relationships of trust and confidence with employees and clients alike
  • Ability to analyze customer’s workflows and develop a strategic plan for improvement


But Marie’s story doesn’t end there.  Marie has committed herself to her job, to clients, and to co-workers, never looking at the clock or the task at hand.  All the while, raising 3 young men on her own. This is the most remarkable part of Marie’s journey. Her eldest son is a professionally trained chef, her middle son is a budding soccer star, and her youngest is excelling at one of Toronto’s finest high schools.  

Experience the “Magic”

Marie’s work ethic and commitment to everyone around her should be recognized and admired.  This has certainly made a huge difference for everyone associated with Office Beacon.

If you haven’t experienced the “Marie magic as an OB client, you don’t know what you’re truly missing!  

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