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For over 23 years, Office Beacon has been the #1 virtual staffing provider for executives and their businesses globally. We offer:

  • World-class infrastructure, technology and security
  • 24/7 Dependable customer care
  • Trained virtual staff

Outsource Office Beacon’s Icon Design

Increase your app downloads with great app icon designs Let us design app icons that drive engagement.

Application Icons

Office Beacon’s virtual designers create stunning icons for Windows, Apple, iPhone, and other applications.

3D Icons

Office Beacon’s virtual icon designers create beautiful 3D icons for any business and project need.

Glossy Icons

Our skilled virtual icon designers create glossy icons for appealing visual brand representation.

Why Choose Office Beacon’s Icon Design?

Office Beacon Virtual Assistant

  • Hire full-time or part-time designers without incurring employee benefit costs.

  • Access to premium design tools

  • Always available to create the best designs and offer assistance.

  • Seamless communication over all mediums, including a complementary SaaS app

In-House Employee

  • Provide competitive compensation packages to attract and retain talent.

  • Have to spend money on the best design tools

  • Fixed working hours hampers the quality of assistance.

  • Buy and renew subscriptions for third-party SaaS platforms

Why Office Beacon’s Icon Design?


Innovative Designs

Our team comprises highly skilled staff who can create the most creative and quality icon designs.


24*7 Support

We are ready around the clock to provide you with design assistance. Regardless of your time zone, we will respond quickly.


Quick Turnaround Time

Our icon designers adhere to strict turnaround times and deliver quality designs on time.


Data Security

Our virtual staff sign NDAs during onboarding, and we've partnered with EY to audit our security protocols
How We Work
  • Analyze


    We analyze your business goals and identify your staffing and software needs.

  • Analyze


    We source the perfect virtual assistant/s who can meet your specific requirements.

  • Analyze

    Train and Monitor

    Our team lead sets KPI expectations, trains and monitors your staff, and oversees your project.

  • Analyze

    Provide Reports

    We share weekly quality reports and bi-weekly feedback emails on your staff’s progress.

Other Creative Design Services

Content Writing

Office Beacon's virtual staff creates content on demand for blogs, websites, e-books, and more.

Embroidery Digitizing

Our experts provide embroidery digitizing services online at affordable prices for promotional products.

Logo Design

Office Beacon's experienced virtual graphic designers can create logos for any business to rapidly and efficiently convey its brand message.

Poster Design

Office Beacon's virtual graphic designers create creative poster designs that prospects can't ignore.

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