Behind The Scenes with Dipesh Bhavsar





Dipesh Bhavsar’s work at Office Beacon spans more than a decade.  Having worked closely with OB founder, Pranav Dalal, Dipesh is more than just an employee of Office Beacon, he is one of its pillars.  Dipesh has contributed to every area of the organization, has taken on every challenge before him, and is one of those unique talents combining talent, know-how and hard work.

Dipesh’s accomplishments include:

  • Successfully implemented OB’s virtualization department now servicing 100s of clients
  • Designed our proprietary Work247  tracking system and got it developed to streamline the complex paperless workflows
  • Dipesh has been a part of almost every production teams. His involvement has been instrumental in helping Office Beacon grow
  • Dipesh is now responsible for driving customer acquisition strategies to triple the company’s growth rate over the next few years


Dipesh is married to Ekta and is a father of two boys, Ansh and Krish. He enjoys drawing different cartoon characters and being creative when it comes to anything.  He has spent over two decades mastering the Indian martial arts and gymnastics activities. His father and grandfather have always provided inspiration to him.

You don’t know what you’re missing!

Dipesh’s background and work ethic are indicative of Office Beacon staff and our corporate culture.  The knowledge of our entire team and commitment to excellence is second to none.  You won’t really understand how significantly your company will benefit until you speak with us.  We welcome you to reach out to us and find out what you’re missing!

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