Embroidery Digitizing: An Elegant Approach

Embroidery takes talent - and without that, it’s incredibly challenging. Let Office Beacon allow you to offer the latest and most elegant design approaches such as appliques, custom patches, and 3D puff.

Ranging from $350-$1795 per month

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OfficeBeacon Custom Digitizing Services For Embroidery

Office Beacon is the reliable source to get professionally digitized embroidery for all products, irrespective of the item type.


Businesses around the world are looking for affordable custom embroidery digitizing services, which can cater their needs for precise, and quality embroidery digitizing. Digitizing technology has surpassed many obstacles today, and automated processes are leading the way for embroidery designs.


Custom embroidery digitizing services from Office Beacon are aimed to offer affordable, and quality digitizing services to all businesses irrespective of the order volume. We have one of the largest purpose-built infrastructures in place, to cater needs of orders of all size, and volume.

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OfficeBeacon Custom Patch Embroidery Digitizing

Office Beacon is a premium embroidery digitizing agency, offering a complete range of digitizing solutions to businesses, and individuals in the USA, Australia and Canada. OfficeBeacon is also offering exquisite custom embroidery patches, and embroidery digitizing patches services to its valued customers.


Over the years we have successfully served thousands of businesses, and agencies with high-quality embroidery digitizing patches. Our expertise knows no limits, irrespective of the complexity of design, you can rest assured for quality, and timely delivery.


OfficeBeacon Applique Embroidery Digitizing

Applique designs are the decorative stuff like laces, or borders; used to increase the efficacy, and aesthetics of clothing. Applique designing is among a popular form of artwork, which is being used to decorate shirts, bags, t-shirts, and various other clothing, and decorative items.

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OfficeBeacon 3D Puff Embroidery Digitizing

Often times we are asked about the secret to maintaining the high-quality standards for 3D puff digitizing services. Well, to be honest, we feel lucky enough to have some of the best, and most committed digitizers in the industry working with us.


Okay, this isn’t purely luck, but our commitment, and zeal to be one of the best embroidery digitizing company. We have been in the industry for over two decades now, and in all these years we have invested heavily in gathering the technological, and human resources, which today differentiate us from the rest of the firms working in the industry 

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"Office Beacon is a positive disruptor for us over the past 10 years."

David Nicholson, President
Polyconcept North America


“Thanks to outsourcing our graphic design work, our earnings have grown 10% every year and our business is exploding.”

David Thompson, President & CEO
National Pen

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