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Our Software Dev services can be customized to meet your
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Ranging from $800-$6000 per month

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Do you struggle to hire talented IT professionals, developers and programmers? Whether you want to hire a dedicated developer on an hourly, part-time or full-time basis, we can provide experts to fit with your specific project needs.
We also offer the option to hire a dedicated development team to bridge the extended IT talent demand-supply gap via a team of seasoned professionals with domain expertise. We have experience setting up dedicated development and product development teams for technology companies, as well as startups, to implement industry best practices and technological excellence.
Office Beacon’s flexible hiring models give you the ability to directly communicate with your dedicated application developers, assign work and monitor a project’s overall progress. We’ll help you quickly ramp up your team, so you can launch your product or add onsite support to meet your organizational objectives.


Our flexible hiring models help you concentrate on your core business activities. We can provide you with dedicated specialists to fill your project’s gaps, for short-term projects.
 Extended Team: Hire niche technology and domain experts to ramp up your teams. These team members can offer domain-specific expertise and best practices to build niche apps
 Managed Dedicated Team: Hire experts to work on your specific project needs. These experts will develop a deep understanding of your business and will guide your team to completing your tech project. 
✔ Product Development Team: Hire professionals who’ll function as an extension of your own team, helping you to plan and release a successful product. These staffers can coordinate technical activities and process improvement within your team. 


Our teams of project managers have hands-on, practical backgrounds in software engineering, coupled with superior communication skills. Your project manager will be the “people person” who can turn your business needs into technical requirements that your developers understand. 
Our project managers follow certain strategic principles during a project, including:

 Defining your business goals, using the SMART paradigm 

 Keeping stakeholders in the loop

 Structuring the project into phases and steps

 Maintaining transparency about the project’s progress

✔ Assessing risks and creating strategies to address them

 Managing any and all roadblocks along the way


We offer flexible options to hire expert application developers on an hourly, part-time and full-time basis. Our certified and professional smartphone app developers for hire build feature-rich and functional mobile applications. You can hire mobile application developers from Office Beacon’s pool of dedicated resources:
iPhone developers
iPad developers
Android developers
Windows mobile application developers
Cross-platform app developers
Swift developers


Hire our dedicated UI/UX designers, web developers or web programmers for short- or long-term projects. They’ll provide real-time updates throughout your application development lifecycle. You can scale your team based on variable business requirements or hire subject matter experts on an ad how basis:

Defining your business goals, using the SMART paradigm 

Keeping stakeholders in the loop

Structuring the project into phases and steps

Maintaining transparency about the project’s progress

Assessing risks and creating strategies to address them

Managing any and all roadblocks along the way


Our Microsoft developers, consultants and software engineers offer end-to-end Microsoft consulting services and add value to applications powered by Microsoft technology:

✔ ASP.NET developers

 ASP.NET storefront developers

✔ C# Developer

 DotNetNuke developers


Whether you need to hire front-end developers and programmers to work on your existing website or build a new web application from scratch, we provide experts to quickly ramp up your team. Our development team offers advanced web app development expertise to provide an outstanding user experience on any device, mobile, tablet or desktop. Choose from:

✔ Angular JS developers

 ExpressJS developers

Node JS developers


Hire cloud developers, or cloud computing developers with deep industry knowledge about security, auto scaling, storage, load balancers and CDN – everything related to your website’s secured hosting and scalability.
Hire subject matter experts ad how or on a longer-term basis.

 Application Migration to the Cloud

 Cloud Deployment

 Cloud Infrastructure Management

 AWS Application Deployment Services

 Server and Application Services Management

 Enterprise IT Applications from AWS

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