10 Signs You Should Invest In Multilingual Support For Businesses

Being able to support all of your customers is crucial when you are running a business. However, some customers find that not all companies can do this due to a language barrier between the company and the client. This could result in the company losing the customer to someone who could better service their needs. Here are some signs that a language barrier does exist in your business.

1. You Need A Productivity Boost

Many businesses rely on phone conversations for customer support, sales and as a general way to stay in contact with their customers. Using the phone to do this means that it is possible to ensure that the time you are spending with a customer is as minimal as possible while also being as helpful as you can. Speaking the language of the customer is one of the best ways to ensure that you can get off the phone to one person and onto the next customer as quickly as possible.

2. You Need An Edge

Have you ever found yourself in the position where you are buying a product that is slightly more expensive because the salesperson who was selling it to you was friendly and provided you with a great level of support? This happens because buying a product is as much an emotional decision as it is a logical one and people are more likely to buy something from someone who is friendly and helpful. If you can offer your customers support in their language, they are far more likely to choose you over your competitors.

3. Your Sales opportunity Need Expanding

It is important to note that by only providing support in English, you are diminishing your possibility for new customers. You would not shop somewhere that only sold one item in three different designs. Instead, you would want to shop somewhere that had a wide variety of stock and options for you to choose from. The same goes for offering information and support only in English. People are going to go somewhere that provides them with the information and support that they need in their language of choice. So if you invest in multilingual support for your business, you are greatly increasing your chance of sales.

4. You have Unhappy Customers

If your customers can’t understand the information that you are providing, and then they call and they cannot understand the support that you are providing, it just leaves you with an unhappy customer. An unhappy customer is bad for a business, one bad review these days can be enough to take out a company. You need to make sure that you can communicate with your customers, not spend precious sales time arguing with someone because you there is a language barrier.

5. Not Every one Speaks English

Despite what many believe, English is not spoken all over the world. While it is common for many people to be able to understand English on a basic level, people who aren’t from a predominantly English speaking country may find it difficult to understand long and complex sentences. Don’t forget, only 20% of the world’s population speak English. While that might sound like a large percentage, it does mean without multilingual support, you’re missing the other eighty percent completely.

6. You’re Failing To Connect With Customers Online

You might be struggling with online connections through either your business website or your online customer call center. There’s nothing worse than calling someone up for help or advice and them not speaking your language. It’s infuriating, and it’s sure to turn off customers which is exactly what could be happening. Fixing this is a simple case of making sure that you are making sure your call center is working in multiple languages. Similarly, don’t rely on Google to translate your website. Instead, set up entirely new pages with the same info in multiple languages to attract a wider audience.

7.  Your  Flaws Are Starting To Show 

It’s possible that word has already spread that you are not providing multilingual support that a modern business should. Remember, today it is more important than ever to be culturally sensitive to minority groups and communities, including those who speak different languages other than English. You need to work hard to give everyone the same benefits and advantages that you provide to other mainstream groups. If you do succeed in this area, you will see the benefits in both sales and indeed buzz around your business. Multilingual support can either be your greatest strength or your biggest flaw, it’s your choice.

 8. You’re Making Too Many Errors

It’s possible that you are making a lot of mistakes when providing the support that your customers and clients need. What’s going wrong? Often, it’s due to the fact that you have expected them to speak or understand a different language than their native tongue. This is always going to lead to communication errors, and that can cause severe issues for your business. It can even mean that customers are getting a poor experience from your business. You can avoid this simply by cutting out these mistakes and providing the language support that customers should be able to expect.

 9. You’re Thinking Too Small, Think Big 

You might be interested in expanding your business. There are plenty of ways to grow your company and reach more customers. One that is constantly overlooked is to make sure that you are providing multilingual support. It’s peculiar that this option is overlooked as it makes a great deal of sense. By speaking their language or providing content in different languages, you will be able to reach an international audience.

 10. It Feels Like You Don’t Care

Finally, you do need to remember that you’re not just running a business. You’re forming connections, you’re building relationships. It’s difficult to do this if you aren’t providing the language support that your customers need. However, providing multi-lingual support will change this. You will show customers that you do care about them and may even gain the upper hand against a competitor who hasn’t provided the same level of support or commitment necessary in this area.