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Ranging from $350-$1795 per month

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OfficeBeaconLOGO ANIMATION: : Part of financially managing your business like a boss includes professional bookkeeping, smartly ensuring your firm’s growth and safeguarding against risks.


Flash logo Animation

2-D and 3-D logo animation

Corporate logo animation

After Effects logo animation

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OfficeBeaconFLASH ANIMATIONFlash development is a boon to 2-D and 3-D animation techniques - and a powerful way to present your content. However, since many companies don’t have Flash capabilities in-house, Office Beacon’s comprehensive Flash animation services can work for you.

Our team works closely with each you to determine exactly how you want your finished product to look and, using frame-by-frame animation, motion tween animation and shape tween animation:


Frame-by-frame animation

Motion tween animation

Shape tween animation

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OfficeBeaconTITLING ANIMATION :    Whether you’re producing short animation, a commercial or a feature film, integrating eye-catching, yet unobtrusive, credits, titles, subtitles or marketing messages that make the biggest impact on your audience requires special expertise to match the video’s style.

Office Beacon offers these professional title animation services:

✔  Credit titling.

✔  Title sequences

Titling in commercials

Animation of existing titling

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Imagine showing  prospective buyers or developers exactly what a property will look like when it’s finished. Office Beacon’s team can create that perfect, 3-D virtual walkthrough to capture how the finished building will look. 

Here’s what we can do for you:

✔  Residential walkthroughs

✔  Commercial walkthroughs

Industrial walkthroughs

Art galleries


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OfficeBeaconPRODUCT MANAGEMENT SERVICE: Smart marketers use video so often because people comprehend and remember what they watch much more so than what they read. That’s why a single product animation video will have more impact in less than a minute then all of your other marketing materials combined. Here’s what our staff, who average five years of product animation experience, can do for you:

3-D product demos

Product advertisement animation

Machine assembly animation

Product briefing animation


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