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You’ve been selling nearly 100 products on your website and on eBay – and you think you’re ready to sell on Amazon as well. 

Whether you’re starting your business with five product SKUs or 500, at some point you’ll probably want to sell them on Amazon, to reach the more than 300 million people who shop on the behemoth site. If you’re trying to add your products and pricing to Amazon yourself, and then handle all the order processing and customer communications in-house, it’s a very time-consuming and effort that requires lots of person-power and resources.

Office Beacon can instantly give you access to highly trained staff with expertise in starting, maintaining and growing your Amazon business.

star Product Management

Listing new products. We’ll match all your products to Amazon’s categories in a spreadsheet and upload it.

Customizing product listings. We can create temporary product listings or temporary special pricing for a certain portion of your inventory, all based on Amazon SEO best practices.

Customizing products. We’ll create an imprint area on the product where your customers can place their    logo or artwork.

Inventory management. Based on your physical inventory, we’ll update your in-stock numbers on Amazon. 

Pricing updates. We can update all of your products’ pricing when you have a sale or when you want to raise prices.

star Email Management

Processing new orders. When your customer presses the “buy” button, we’ll communicate via email in real time to complete the order and have it shipped out, including:

  • Programming an auto-acknowledgment email requesting artwork via a third party
  • Sending emails requesting artwork and a follow-up confirmation note once the customer has sent artwork
  • Sending a virtual proof for customer review and approval
  • Sending emails to the customer if their order has been placed on a production hold and offering alternate options
  • Sending proof approval acknowledgment or a requested proof revision for approval 

Handling product shipping. When your products are ready to ship, we send your customers an email to let them know.

Handling questions and issues. When people order from you, a percentage will have questions or issues (like they ordered the wrong product or quantity), and we can address those or escalate those queries to the next best person.

star Graphic Design & Proofing

If you offer customizable products, our graphic designers can prep customer artwork for print and quickly turn around proofs and revisions so your customer gets their product in-hand as quickly as possible:

Creating product images. One of our graphic designers can create product images and other compelling content like banners or infographics to help increase your sales.

Creating print-ready artwork. No matter what kind of art your customer uploads, we can redraw the artwork file so it prints perfectly on their chosen item.

Handling layout proofs. We’ll prepare a product proof for customer approval based on their instructions. We’ll also create revised proofs, as needed, before we receive final approval.

star Customer Service

Your customers expect and deserve prompt customer service, so let our customer service specialists answer any phone calls, emails or live chat queries to keep them loyal:

Responding to customer emails. One of our customer service specialists can manage and respond to all of your customer inquiries, ensuring that they’re happy with their purchase and experience with your company.

Handling customer service phone calls. Your customer service expert can answer all phone calls, giving your customers prompt and accurate services.

Managing live chat. Your customer service specialist can also manage your live chat functionality and speak with customers during your sites most traffic-heavy times.

star Invoicing & Vouching

Never worry about your vendor invoices again, since one of our staffers can track them all in real time:

Collecting and auditing invoices. We’ll keep track of your vendor and freight invoices, referencing specific Amazon orders.

Collecting and maintaining invoices. We’ll manage the invoices from your vendors and vouch them in your ERP system.

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