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It was a great feeling when you first founded your company – you had a great product (or service) idea that you couldn’t wait to bring to the market.

Running your business and focusing on what you love should be your top priority – not worrying about numbers, which may be what you are spending way too much of your time doing. From managing cash flow and reconciling your books to playing the role of an HR or payroll expert, stop trying to wear all the hats and let us help.

Office Beacon’s established team of bookkeepers and CPAs work as your virtual back office delivering essential accounting and bookkeeping services. When you partner with us, you will avoid the hassles of hiring, training, and retaining staff – and save up to 50% on traditional accounting and financial costs.

Client-Centric Approach:

Our experienced team delves deep into each project to gain a full understanding and provide best-in-class services.

We ensure delivery of client-ready output so there is very little intervention from your side. This frees your time so you can concentrate on your core business.

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Wendy Barlin, CPA
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