Catur Marketing


Our marketing campaigns result in both increased profit margins and higher ROI. With our effective combination of online and digital marketing, we deliver quality traffic and genuine leads to
our global clientele that belongs to a variety of industry verticals.

search engine optimization

Make both customers and search engines happy. Our techniques to search engine optimize websites are constantly updating. Search engines are looking for quality websites and content, not spiders and bots. Add value to your content and create a traffic that will promote the rankings without spamming. Our results are solid and long lasting.

Social Media Optimization

Reach. React. Respond.
It’s always wise to invest in social communities that can grow and define your business. Tell these audiences who you are, what you offer and why they should even bother.


Advertise with search engines and score leads and sales like never before. Pay Per Click ads are an important part of search engine marketing. We will help guide and select the best way to advertise and promote your business.

Online PR/ Online Reputation Management

In the here today/gone tomorrow information news cycle, it is essential to maintain your online reputation to remain top of mind. Our reputation experts @ Office Beacon will lead your online reputation management campaigns to amazing heights where you can enjoy the optimized traffic of a targeted audience.


Our world-class team creates and manages the most effective online marketing video campaigns. Our creative video production team of marketing consultants, scriptwriters and editors produce branded videos to broadcast value propositions and elevate SEO results.
Services includes:

  • Full scripting
  • Filming
  • Voiceovers and editing

direct mailer

Personalized mailers and URLs targeted at your prospective clients can yield tremendous results. Get in touch with our cost effective direct marketing campaigns. Our extraordinary campaigns will yield extraordinary results.

pay per lead

Being a customer-centric company, Office Beacon values the investment in time and money that are made into each marketing campaign. We offer pay per lead services that ensures success – quantifiable, predictable and financial.